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Navigating the Future: Diving into SolarNFT Roadmap Insights & Upcoming Steps of SolarWise


As SolarWise propels forward in its mission to revolutionize renewable energy investments, the upcoming steps in its SolarNFT Roadmap Insights promise exciting developments and pivotal milestones. This journey is marked by strategic planning, community expansion, SolarNFT mint, solar farm construction, and a dedication to sustainability and more.

Renewable energy solution: Solar panels harnessing sunlight for sustainable power generation

Upcoming Steps:

Building a Foundation:

The initial phase of the SolarWise roadmap focuses on assembling a dynamic team and expanding the community. The objective is clear: gain traction for the first SolarNFT mint, setting the stage for the project's progression.This process ensures that the community has an opportunity to actively participate and contribute to the project's growth.

Team Expansion:

Concurrently, SolarWise is actively addressing the expansion of its team. Recognizing the pivotal role a skilled and diverse team plays in achieving ambitious goals, plans are in motion to augment the existing workforce. Solarwise has forged a partnership with a comprehensive solar construction company in Brazil to handle all aspects of the solar farm. We are actively seeking talented Blockchain Developers with experience building on VeChain as well as a well rounded business developer in the web3 space. 

SolarNFT Mint:

The SolarNFT minting process and its execution are under meticulous planning at SolarWise. Once there is a significant demand generated within our vibrant community, we will conduct a SolarNFT mint. The solarNFT's value will be converted from its USD real value to VeChain, ensuring that the fiat value remains constant, while the VET price may vary during the mint, depending on the market conditions.

Solar Farm Construction:

A significant highlight is the construction of the solar farm, a pivotal step in the roadmap. Anticipated to take approximately 90 days, this phase lays the foundation for SolarWise's commitment to sustainable energy production. The choice of the VeChain blockchain underscores its suitability for building such a groundbreaking project.

Reward System Activation:

As the solar farm comes to life, SolarWise will initiate the sale of electricity which will consequently commence the reward system for the holders. This marks the beginning of a new era where stakeholders can reap the benefits of their involvement by choosing their staking options on the SolarWise website.

If you wish to delve into the details of each step or explore the subsequent phases SolarWise will undertake, feel free to peruse our Whitepaper:

Skilled technician working on solar panel installation during a picturesque sunset, epitomizing sustainable energy innovation

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